Catalog | Flyer | Business Card | Mailer

Hershberger’s Hardware is a Baltic, OH based distributor of high-quality home hardware and accessories.  Square One continues to work with the management at Hershberger’s Hardware to deliver eye-catching advertisements and consistent branding across ad content.  Included in the many projects Square One has undertaken on behalf of Hershberger’s Hardware are the company’s full product catalogs, many ad flyers, business card designs, and direct mail pieces.


One of our largest projects each year is the design and production of the Hershberger’s Hardware product catalogs.  The project emcompasses a wide range of Square One’s capabilities.  Our team consults with the Hershberger’s Hardware team to discuss product and imagery placement from a marketing standpoint.  Square One provides photography services in the event that there are any products that need photographed, or any images that need retouched.  The project, including all of the placement details, price lists, and product imagery, are then given to our graphic design team so the catalog can come to life.  When design is complete, the catalog is printed, prepared, and delivered in its final, stunning form.


In addition to the catalog, Square One also designs and produces flyers for Hershberger’s Hardware for product line marketing.  These flyers showcase a particular product with more detail than can be included in the catalog.  This allows for the presentation of specific selling points, directions, pricing, and more.  These flyers are versatile marketing tools, as they can be distributed by hand at events or with packing slips in each shipped package.


One of the most important pieces of marketing collateral that one can have is a well-designed business card.  Business cards are put right into the clients’ hands and have crucial contact information.  Square One delivered a standout design to Hershberger’s Hardware alongside the highest-quality business card printing possible.  The result was a beautiful business card that functions as a precision marketing tool.


In a marketing climate where fewer and fewer organizations are utilizing direct mail, straight-to-the-mailbox postcards stand out more than ever.  Many companies avoid direct mail because they worry it takes too much time or the return isn’t as high as other marketing avenues.  The marketing team at Square One works efficiently to create high-impact mailpieces that deliver.  Hershberger’s Hardware uses these mailpieces to engage their customers, promote new products, and invite clients to community events.

If you’re interested in achieving marketing results the same way Hershberger’s Hardware has, meet with our team to discuss your current marketing goals and needs, and how we can held you reach them.